Meet Maureen




mg.3221-050Cr.jpgIn retrospect, it’s easy to see that Maureen Gallatin has spent her entire life preparing to guide in the equestrian ministries movement — sharing God's love through a connection with horses. She may be best known for her insights into the evidence of God’s love through everyday horse/human interactions and observations. She's often considered the “voice of encouragement” for horse lovers. 

Maureen's unique brand of wisdom, humor and horsemanship is inspirational and encouraging, and her warmth puts people at ease. Her hands-on horse knowledge is extensive, and she has the compassion and skill to bring people together to accomplish good things.

Part life coach, spiritual advisor, and marketing strategist, she helps people chart a course and effectively navigate their trail, enlarging their faith, confidence, and the skills that will enable them to achieve their purpose.

She was marketing director for Breakthrough Publications and spent more than 10 years as executive editor of John Lyons’ Perfect Horse, a publication that combined practical training and horsemanship advice with spiritual messages that struck a chord with more than 100,000 subscribers.

Smilebox_3838591087.jpgIn 2007, Maureen left the magazine to launch her own equestrian-focused Christian leadership, consulting, and inspirational publishing enterprise, now called Horses on a Mission. She is the author of An Extra Flake, a collection of uplifting observations with a spiritual message. 

Maureen is a frequent speaker and consultant in the horse industry. If you spend much time with her, you'll find she knows wonderful, fascinating people and is quick to bring you into the circle. She lives in Tryon, NC and spends lots of time in Lexington, KY. When not living life at a lope, she can usually be found “out standing in her field” surrounded by horses and dogs.