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Sometimes you need a wise person who will really hear you. Smiley4

It used to be people only hired a coach when they needed help, that is, when they were in trouble. Now most successful people work with a coach in areas they care about improving, whether personal, horsemanship, spiritual direction, professional development — or life!

Behind nearly every successful horse person you'll find a coach or mentor — maybe a trainer, a formal program, or just an experienced eyes on the ground giving feedback and encouragement.

I'm Maureen —  I consult/coach/provide insight/advise/solve problems/find opportunity/recognize successes/connect the dots ... and help horse lovers  — and particularly equine professionals — walk out their calling to love God, themselves, and their neighbors.

mg.3346-015SmlWA good coach saves people time and aggravation by helping them determine what's important and what to focus on.

Many horse lovers are “helpers,” and what I call the “helpfulness gene” often gets in their way. (I know this first-hand.)

The “answer” that helps them is rarely in the category of doing more, trying harder, or finding someone to blame. Frequently in a coaching session I can point out behavior patterns and give people insights or “tools” to get them “unstuck.” For them, it's a huge relief.

Sometimes I'm just a safe sounding board.

Wisdom ultimately comes from God, so I ask Him for guidance prior to each coaching session.

Over the years, I can't tell you how many people I've coached — either formally or just over lunch with questions such as:

“Am I on the right track?”
“Does this make sense to you?”
“If this is what I'm called to do, why am I so frustrated?”
“I have an idea for ministry. How do I get it off the ground?”
“I know God gave me this love of horses for a special reason ...”
“I think God is mad at me. What do I do next?”
“What do you think about ...?”

And on it goes.

If you'd like to work with me, send me a note, and I'll be glad to talk with you about your situation and tell you about coaching pricing.

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