A “Flake” for people, too.

When our horses are restless, impatient, cooped up because of weather, pawing in the trailer, missing a buddy (or when we don’t want them to roll after a bath), we feed them a flake of hay. More than just a diversion, chewing hay settles their nerves and gives them a sense of security.

This sweet book will give you something to chew on, so to speak, when you need a little pick-me-up.

Little stories remind us of days in the barn, and the truth of those experiences resonates with eternal truth — that we matter and our lives have purpose.  A verse from the ancient text — the Bible — will encourage you that God is real and cares about horses and people. And you'll find yourself saying the one or two sentence prayer right along with the author.

But in case you think it's all seriousness, I'll assure you, you'll also find yourself smiling with every turn of the page.



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