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You're Always Relevant

“I love you, but you’re in the way.” I said as I pushed the pony aside.
Of course, my “dissing” him wasn’t personal. I was trying to get through a gate and put the chain up (to keep his pony butt inside) without dropping something in my hand. His agenda and mine were not the same just then.

A friend called, upset her family was arranging an event without bringing her into the planning. She felt excluded, treated as old and irrelevant. She was the grandma. How could they not want her help?

I knew my friend’s family was just caught up with themselves and their excitement. She wasn’t even on their radar at that moment. They were pushing through the gate, so to speak.

MG.IMG_9161CrW.JPG Maureen's favorite pony with friend Terri I thought of how often I’ve taken being brushed off personally. It feels like a confirmation of our worst fears. Did I say something stupid, or am I just unlovable?

Being disregarded hurts. When that happens, I try to remind myself that in some situations, I am irrelevant. But it's OK - it doesn’t mean I'm unworthy or inadequate. 

Like you, I'm cherished where it counts. God knows the real me, even better than I do that pesky pony. Love lets us move forward.

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